The Top Sports Betting Websites for 2019

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose exactly where you want to place your bets. But we’ve made things a lot easier, thanks to our extensive reviews and recommended lists.

With this list you will find the best places to place real money bets on your favorite sports. Each website offers a whole range of benefits and benefits for you to enjoy, including:

    • Wide range of markets to bet on
    • Brilliant free bet offers for new & recurring bettors
    • Secure payment options with fast payout times

Do not get caught unconsciously

Blacklist websites are real! Too many people will stand a chance on websites that do not offer certification or any air of authenticity or trustworthiness. Make sure that the website you choose when betting is safe.

How we check online sports books

It does not have to be a big fight to find your perfect sportsbook website, each of the options listed here are bound to provide you with brilliant experiences.

And to put this list together, we’ve taken the time and effort – checking every facet of the site to make sure you get the most out of your money.

  • Available Markets: The ability to bet on any sport you like is important, and so we ensure that every website we recommend offers a wide range of markets to bet on.
  • Types of bets: Placing a bet should not mean having to choose between winning or losing, there should be a choice. That’s why we only list websites that offer a variety of betting options, from Prop to Parlay and straight to In-Play.
  • Free Bets & Promos: Getting the best for your money is something we feel passionate about, which is why we’ve added free betting checks to our review process.
  • Banking Options: Choosing to deposit or withdraw money with a method that works best for you is crucial when placing real money bets.
  • Security & Support: You should always feel safe online, and it’s no different with online sports books. That’s why we put the service team and security measures through their paces in our reviews.

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